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Our Cattery at the BAAC is bright, breezy and roomy with a catwalk that goes around the entire main room and several smaller rooms on each side. There are lots of windows and skylights to let in the sun with lighted ceiling fans hanging from the cathedral ceiling. We wanted the cats to have space and interesting play areas to help fill their days while they are awaiting their new adopters.

Even though our cattery is beautiful and fun to live in, it doesn't allow the cats to have the one-on-one love and attention they need and deserve. Please consider adopting one of these great cats so that they can have a home of their own, and at the same time, allow us to be able to rescue more cats and kittens!

In the center of the main room is a large cat playhouse area with towers of sisal and numerous toys for the cats to play with. At the end of the far wall, there is a beautiful mural painted above the patio doors leading to a screened-in porch.

They can watch videos of birds and insects

The cats have several cool bridges

that they can cross over from the playhouse to one end of the room,

they can drink from a cool water fountain

they can climb a tree in an outside porch area

or they can sit wherever they want (as you can see, they ignore signs)

Here are just a few of our current and previous residents enjoying their space:

and just a few more:

We have many great cats and kittens here at the BAAC. Please tell your friends about us. In order to save more homeless cats, we need to find permanent, loving homes for the over 120+ cats/kittens that we currently have.

Thank you!


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