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 Dulles Tower
It was a dreary, misty day on February 24, 2004 upon arrival at Dulles Airport, but it was a happy event nonetheless for Mrs. Briggs and some of her staff who were awaiting the arrival of Tommy Franks and Jordan. Their plane from California had been delayed a little over an hour as darkness was beginning to fall. 
 Mrs. Briggs, as always, looked very smart in her coat and tam as she walked up the steps to the airline's freight pickup office.Mrs.Briggs  
 Jordan (left) and Tommy Franks (rightWhen they arrived, Jordan and Tommy were alert and actually quite calm, considering their long trip. Of course, they had heard and seen a lot of things in Iraq that they are unable to tell us, so we thought perhaps this trip was less stressful on them than what they had already experienced before arriving in the United States. 
 When we let them out of their carriers at the airport to be walked, they were totally comfortable around the loud noises of the airplane motors and other airport sounds. No doubt, these sounds were less noisy than the sound of gunfire and bombs they must have experienced on the outskirts of Baghdad. These photos were taken in the BAAC yards the next morning and the dogs were already settling in nicely. Jordan and Tommy are both very friendly, outgoing pups and will make great companions for families.Jordan 
 TommyWe are so happy to say that both dogs have been adopted into wonderful homes and are doing great.  They had a long way to go to find their permanent, loving homes, but it was worth it!  
 While we celebrate the rescue of Jordan and Tommy, many animals who will never make a newspaper headline need our lifesaving help today. And with your support, we are able to help Jordan and Tommy who, in turn, through their publicity will call attention to the plight of millions of abandoned and homeless animals right here in America. 

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