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PRESS RELEASE: (Charles Town, WV) – The Briggs Animal Adoption Center (BAAC) welcomed two Iraqi pups to its facility February 24, 2004. Both are doing fine and getting acclimated to their now surroundings and will be available for adoption in the coming weeks.

“Jordan” and “Tommy Franks”, now 11 month old pups, were rescued at the Mrs. Briggs welcomes female dog, Jordan abandoned Iraqi border station near Jordan. They were then housed at the Humane Center for Animal Welfare in Amman, Jordan, which is run by an English couple--Margaret and Peter Ledger--and sponsored by Queen Noor.Mrs. Briggs with male Canaan Dog, Tommy Franks


The plight of the Iraqi stray dogs is heartbreaking and a source of concern for our soldiers, who have rescued several of the dogs and are desperate to send them home. As a result, 17 dogs and a cat were sent to the US from Iraq via Jordan during this past holiday season and spent their first Christmas with their soldier families. All the animals had been given health certificates by an English Veterinarian at the Humane Center in Jordan and all were neutered there before flying to America.

Because compassion has no borders, the BAAC, a program of The National Humane Education Society, has offered to help these orphans find permanent loving homes. “Jordan” is a female Border Collie and “Tommy Franks” is a Canaan Dog, both breeds common in Iraq. Come by the BAAC and visit these two lovable pups.


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